Body Material


6061 Aluminium Alloy

6061 is a precipitation-hardened aluminium alloy, containing magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements. It is one of the most common alloys of aluminium for general-purpose use.

Component Wt. %
Al 95.8 - 98.6
Cr 0.04 - 0.35
Cu 0.15 - 0.4
Fe Max 0.7
Mg 0.8 - 1.2
Mn Max 0.15
Si 0.4 - 0.8
Ti Max 0.15
Zn Max 0.25
Other, each Max 0.05
Other, total Max 0.15


Hard anodizing is typically applied to heavy wear industrial parts intended for use in aggressive or highly corrosive applications. These coatings are typically far thicker and harder than decorative ones, and usually lend the parts a durability approaching that of hard faced or case hardened steel.

Hardcoated items usually have a dark gray to a black finish. This can vary depending on the aluminum alloy.

One of the main purposes of hard anodizing is to make the aluminum more resistant to corrosion. The thicker oxidized layer protects the finished part from being exposed to moisture, oxygen, and other factors. Sealed items are even more corrosion resistant.

The outer coating is also extremely hard, typically much harder than the original metal. In many cases, a thick hard anodized coating can be as hard as tool steel.

The oxide layer is part of the metal, it won't peel off and the surface finish will increase.

Hard anodized metals are usually very well insulated they don't conduct heat or electricity well.

This is especially useful for applications that require the part be used at high temperatures.

Anti-reflective coating

Anti-reflection coating is a type of optical coating applied to the surface of lenses and other optical elements to reduce reflection. This improves the efficiency since less light is lost. With Atactical anti-reflective coated ultra-clear toughened glass lens, the light is barely lost while through the lens. 

Smooth reflector

There are two typical reflector in the market, one is Orange Peel and another is smooth. The orange peel reflector is bumpy or grainy looking. This type of reflector helps disseminates the beam allowing the light to spread a little wider.  However, the smooth reflector creates a tighter and more precise beam. It allows for longer beam throws and is excellent for hunting, search and rescue, and general use. 

 50,000 hours lifespan LED

The latest Cree LED ensures the durability and effective of our flashlights. 

Intelligent control board

Our Intelligent control board controls the brightness and temperature of the flashlight, with this technology, customers can easily switch between modes. Once the temperature of the flashlight is high, the brightness will drop to allow the LED working in a health temperature.

Premium hard-anodized  aluminium alloy 

As mentioned above, this aluminium alloy with premium hard-anodized body will best protect the flashlight from most of the impacts.

Customized USB  rechargeable 18650 battery

Over 500 time charge cycle, our customized 18650 battery can be used for most of the high drain output devices. It can be charged directly by USB charger, there will be no limited on charging. There are also reverse polarity protection, overcharging protection and over discharging protection inside the battery which provide the safety of the battery.